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Bio-Toner Leader
Put the Environment First. Everyday.

Environment First Printing is on the vanguard of bio-based printing for desktop laser printers. We believe in a better, cleaner, and more sustainable way to print, without oil. Our overall mission is to reduce the use of foreign oil, increase the use of renewable resources, and improve the environment we leave to our next generation.

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Whether you're from the midwest where the soybeans are grown or in NYC, our environment matters!
We start with a 'Virgin Core' Toner Cartridge.


The outside, or the core of a toner cartridge is under patent. EFP cannot make our own cores so we must use the original equipment manufacturer's casing to make our bio-toners. It's ok, we figure it's our chance to save plastic. We buy tons and tons of these cores for all of our models, or if we don't have it in stock, we use toner cartridge brokers to find us some. Pretty cool huh? I bet you never knew there was a broker toner network!

EFP's Toner Powder uses soybean oil.

If you bought a toner today from any other source, it would contain powder derived from petroleum...almost all of it from overseas sources.   EFP uses soybean oil, burnt down to make the same chemical make-up as the burnt down petroleum.  We just get there from a much more renewable resource.  Since the chemical makeup is the same, there is no difference in quality, longevity, or adhesion. On average, we save three liters of petroleum per toner cartridge. I didn't stutter, THREE LITERS each cartridge!

Complete Quality Check.

​​After our toners are manufactured with our bio-based toner they are meticulously inspected by our ISO certified factory and they are shipped to our customers around the United States and Canada. With customers from banks to colleges, to non-profits, our toner is saving oil from Hawaii to New Brunswick. Isn't it time you wrote to us and saw how you can join the sustainable printing alliance?

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