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With every new technology comes plenty of questions...

What happens to our used toner? Do you recycle?

Thank goodness you asked! Yes, we do recycle, but not in the way many toner outfits do. We do not use our toner more than once for printing. Quality is our number one concern, so we don't use the toner over and over for printing, just once. After you use your EFP bio-toner cartridge, you send it back to us (free USPS slip in each box) and we send it to one of our processing centers. Here they are ground-up' into little bit-sized plastic chips where they become new plastic parts and pieces like laptops or computer monitors. Yes, it's like a beautiful, perfect, and SUSTAINABLE life cycle. You are a part of it!

Bio-Toner, How Much is Bio-Content?

We love to answer this one. Each toner cartridge made in the market uses the same inside chemical makeup. It uses: 50% Petroleum 30% Iron Oxide 20% Polymers and Wax EFP isn't reinventing the wheel here, we have found a way to replace the petroleum being used in these cartridges with soybean-oil. By doing this we have replaced all of the petroleum that was being used to make this toner. The iron oxide, the polymers and wax make the toner stick to the page, and adhere just like regular toner.

Image by Alexander Mils

Does EFP Bio-Toner Void my Printer Warranty?​

Great question.  Under no circumstance may an Original Equipment Manufacturer of a printer suspend or reject a printer warranty due to the types of toner used in it.   According to the Magnuson-Moss Act, an original equipment manufacturer must hold up the warranty given to the equipment no matter what brand the consumable supply is being used inside their machines. So, in normal terms.  Large Printing Companies cannot tell a customer that unless you use only their toner, you keep the warranty for the machine.  This is illegal and cannot be told to any such client.   Now you know! Here is a document for our warranty, It's extensive and excellent - EFP WARRANTY

Where is Your Price List?

We are asked this everyday from customers from five person companies to Fortune 500's. We don't have a generic price list, nor would you want us to have one. There are over 980 models that we can get our hands on, and it's likely you only have 10-20 printers. Instead of wasting your time looking through a long list, we ask you give us your printer list and your current costs. We guarantee we will beat your current prices AND get you to switch over to a more earth friendly way to print. Did you know in some offices, they put the printers in a separate room because the petroleum content gives the employees headaches? Think about what you are ingesting each day! Don't waste time, send us your printer list today!

Looking at a Price
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