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Bio-Toner Leader
Put the Environment First. Everyday.

Environment First Printing is on the vanguard of bio-based printing for desktop laser printers. We believe in a better, cleaner, and more sustainable way to print, without oil. Our overall mission is to reduce the use of foreign oil, increase the use of renewable resources, and improve the environment we leave to our next generation.

Hi, My name is....​


Environment First Printing has an extensive network of Sales Representatives throughout the United States and Canada.  They are seasoned technology sales reps, stay-at-home mothers, manufacturer representatives, and environmental leaders.

Reasons to Represent EFP

Everyone Prints...

One thing in common with all EFP customers, they have printers.  Can you think of a business, college, or office anywhere in the world without one?  We didn't think so...Every single one of those printers use petroleum.   They don't have to. They can instead run on Bio-Based Content.   Reason #1.


There is a better way.

Back before people rode in airplanes, they rode in cars.  Prior to cars they rode in horse drawn carriages.  Prior to horse drawn carriages, they walked.   There is a better way to print.  Foreign drilled petroleum is no longer the only option, it should be the last option.

Each toner saves 3 liters of foreign oil by replacing it with Soybean oil.   Each completed cartridge is recycled into small plastic cubes and is then used to build other plastic pieces.  Each sales rep cares about our environment, we sell with conviction, we talk with passion.   Reason #2.

We cost less, always.

Back in the 90's, one of the challenging pieces to introducing recycled paper was the cost associated with it.   Companies wanted to go green, but not at a premium cost.

​Environment First Printing costs less than the OEM.   Everyday, we beat prices from the large box stores, online resellers, and OEM direct.   It's much easier to switch over to printing green, when you are also saving green.  Reason #3.

EFP is generous.


Environment First Printing helps offices all over the World save oil.   They are committed to bringing a difference to the office environment.   They take that same attitude to the world and community around them.  We help, we volunteer, we spread good news.

We all agree providing a positive income to a household is very important.  We also feel and commit to something else, People over Profit.   Often you find our hashtag #peopleoverprofit used on our social media.   Our company is committed to sharing the success of EFP throughout it's organization, not just at the executive level.  Reason #4.  


I've heard enough, Sign me up!

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