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We wish all of our customers could be listed, but here are a few...

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All businesses want to find ways to green the office. EFP is here to help right where you least expect it - your printer! EFP has a business alliance group showing the oil savings quarterly by all of our business customers.  Going green is important for your business, but saving green is equally as important. We help our business customers spend less money and save more oil by assuring we will LOWER COSTS with a switch to us. Go ahead, send us a price and model number, we promise to BEAT YOUR CURRENT PRICE! EFP's Bio Toner is the missing link in your companies Corporate Sustainability Plan.  All of your efforts towards carbon neutrality are moot if you still have foriegn oil burning inside your office machines.  Go ahead, join our Alliance.


All over the country, clients from all over acedemia are looking for ways to 'green the campus.'  EFP's bio-toner saves three liters of oil each unit. Join EFP's Educational Alliance, a group we formed so that colleges could work together to save oil. Every month we send out a mailing showing how much the group saved in oil by using EFP your college contributed and what your group is on track to save for the year! We include how many pounds of recycled plastic you saved as well as reams of recycled paper you use.   Join the Sustainable Printing Alliance today and make a difference with us.



In every industry, saving money is paramount.  In the non-profit sector it is important to stretch every dollar raised. We help our non-profit customers spend the least amount possible for printing supplies with EFP. With an average savings of 35 percent, there is no time to waste.   We appreciate non-profits, we have a heart for them.   EFP is committed to changing our industry and helping every non-profit change theirs. Free shipping, free recycling, and lower prices, for Life - Guaranteed. Call us today!

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